If you see a need, fill it.

While this is part of my general life philosophy, I’m going to talk about how it relates to writing and what I do here on this blog.

Tumblr, as anyone can see, is mostly used by young folks. And the United States government, when it comes to budget cuts, doesn’t give a crap about the arts.

What classes get cut when the money runs out? Art classes. Drama, painting, sculpture, writing–the list goes on.

Therefore, many schools do not provide a decent arts education. And even if they do, how often do schools have classes JUST for writing?

Your general classes require it but fail to teach it on its own, which I think would genuinely help students become better writers by the time they have to apply for college.

As a skilled writer an editor, I saw a need for education in the world of writing. Many of you are starved for it. So here I am.

I started this blog when I was in undergrad, and two graduations later, I have a Master’s degree in creative writing and am working as a writer and an editor in multiple capacities.

I know I haven’t been here as much lately, but I’m going to do what I can to remedy that.

Our country’s youth need writing help, because everyone is expected to know how to write well simply because we know the alphabet.

Can you look at a chair and use a chair? That doesn’t make you a carpenter. In the same vein, reading a book doesn’t make you a writer.

My goal is to provide unique knowledge and fill the gaps.

And you as a writer should write what you want to read. If you think to yourself that it’s frustrating that no one has written a book about something, then fill that need. These are the stories that only you could write.

Example: Think of the Alien movie franchise. It’s designed to be scary, and the aliens in the movies are scary. So it seems ridiculous that the aliens could be allowed on-board, right? So when I was in the last writing class of my undergrad career, I thought to myself, “What if the alien was cute?”

I saw a need, and I filled it.

And guess what? Even though I felt like my work was derivative, my classmates enjoyed the story and gave me some great feedback. Someone even drew the creature on their copy of the story!

I’m incredibly behind on replying to people on here, but when I do, I’m trying to fill the needs that your school system is leaving behind.

You don’t become a stellar writer overnight. I promise.

When I first began to write, I stole my sister’s premises and rewrote them because I had no idea what to do when given a topic.

And here I am, expanding a short story I wrote in 2011 into a novella. It doesn’t matter when you start writing or how good you are at any given moment. If you see a need for becoming a better writer, than find a way to fill that. Read more books. Write more stories. Follow my blog. 😀

There are many needs in the world of writing. Let’s fill them together.

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