Thoughtful Readers On: Age Differences

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saltedcaramel-bunnies said: My high school gym classes were twelfth through eighth grade, divided by gender. But if we (only ever the girls) didn’t change clothes and didn’t do PE, we would go into the boys’ gym for that period.

piscesprincess4 said: I think it would be really interesting to read something that is about them dealing with that situation

Interesting about the gym classes–mine weren’t divided at all.

Fun fact: Halfway through the semester, one of the idiot boys in the locker room was playing with a broom and hit something electrical, which shut down the lights for the whole school. We were outside for about 45 minutes.

And I agree that it would be interesting to read about high-school students dealing with the situation of not having classes together and somehow meeting anyway.

Here’s hoping that our dear anon will post what they ended up writing. 🙂

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