Personal Update

Hi! I vanished for a couple of days because of some doctor’s visits, but I am happy to announce that my heart IS in fact working correctly and is NOT weakening. It’s just been beating really really fast for a while now. I’m starting on some stuff to help it chill out, and the past few days have shown a marked difference in my heart rate. It’s gone from 105-130 beats per minute to 90-105. I mean, it’s not fantastic, but it’s a step in a good direction for me.

I got to have an ultrasound on my heart. 😀 It was actually pretty cool, and the guy who did it was really interesting.

As a bit of a motor-mouth, I tried to take a step back and ask him questions. I think it’s important to take a breath let someone else speak–you never know what you’ll learn!

So here’s your writing prompt based on my ultrasound guy:

Your main character is a man that has just graduated from high school and is going into the military in the medical field. They immediately place you in Labor and Delivery.

Have at it!

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