How would I write a character who over-analyzes their setting and especially people body language? It’s quite an interesting concept but it would many things repetitive. I want them to see everything and also draw their conclusions but I’m afraid that would be very boring to my readers

Hmmmm… I’m an over-analyzer, but doing it to that extent in the form of writing isn’t something that I’ve tried just yet.

I think the best way to do that is to watch and read media that uses that concept. I would start by looking at Sherlock Holmes. The movies, TV shows, and the original stories: this character is built around the exact idea of over-analyzing stuff.

Monk, Lie to Me, and The Mentalist are some good TV shows to try out as well.

The trick is to give a good balance of it. If it’s all analysis, it might read like a textbook.

I would perhaps have some other important characters whose perspectives you use for other chapters. Maybe two or three chapters of your analyzing character, then a chapter or two of your other characters.

That’ll help you space it out some.

And another thing you can do is to create situations that are different from each other.

If your first chapter is about solving who stole someone’s sewing kit, then in later chapters, use characters and settings that don’t have sewing kits in them.

Analyzing a character once is fine, but it would get repetitive to do the same character again later on. So your analyzing character needs to interact with a lot of different types of people and to go to places that won’t have the same problems to solve.

I personally don’t read a lot of mystery books because it’s so hard to do them well, and I’m impatient, and my sense of curiosity is far too strong to follow a mystery without getting irritated by not knowing the answer.

If you’re not writing a mystery story with this character, it just really depends on why you’ve chosen to use the character.

If it’s a non-mystery story, then what purpose does the over-analysis serve? What’s its purpose? How does it work for the character and plot?

Again, this isn’t much my thing, but I hope this helps some!

It gets better.

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