Hey, I’m writing a character who is a young girl that encounters magical objects. She’s supposed to be like an average superhero and I’m looking for a surname that is fantasy/mythology inspired that is feminine and strong, but I’m stuck. Any advice?

Hi! Here’s a site for you:

It used to be 20000-names.com, but it is easily one of my favorite websites.

It has alllllll sorts of names, from various cultures and styles and anything else you can think of.

I’ve linked you to the page for surnames, so it should be more than easy enough to come up with one you like from there!

You can also search for ideas/themes:

I recommend checking the female Greek names to see if there are any that can be used as surnames:

Here are some other places you can look for myth-inspired names:

Seriously though, I love 20knames so much, and I hope it helps!

It gets better.

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