Limitations on yourself often force you to become more creative. Pick 10 things that you cannot/must do in your story. Your story must be about someone of the opposite gender.

One of your 10 things must restrict or deny the use of a letter.

Another must be a word you can’t use. Pick a word you find yourself using often in stories.

Be creative with your limitations. Don’t end your sentences with a consonant. Each sentence must have an even amount of words. No dogs. Use an umbrella in the story at least once.

Make them hard but doable. Don’t give up.

Here’s another old post for your reading convenience!

If you are not on the gender binary, just choose a gender different from your own. This post is from YEARS ago. I suppose I can edit the original post, since it wasn’t exactly reblogged by anyone anyway. What do you think?

Just goes to show that people change and learn new things, huh?

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