I was looking for a sort of ‘database’ for colour names, and found that paint brands have hundreds of colours and are generally super useful. Here are a few of my favourites! At the end, there are a few other sites with colour names as well. Hope this helps.

godavari paints — [ url ]

Benjamin Moore [ url ]

Behr [ url ]

Dulux [ url ]

The wiki! [ url ]


  • colorhexa – you can even type in the colour’s hexcode and it will give a lot of information on that colour! This site is great, and it even provides colour schemes and alternatives. Very handy.
  • design-seeds – a blog that has tons and tons of pretty palettes, generated from images. You can click on a colour, and it will give you other palettes containing that same colour!
  • colorcombos – crap ton of palettes and colours. You can input a website’s URL and it will spit back all of the colours used! Handy for making blog pages match the main theme!
  • – really strange site and terribly formatted/designed, but has hundreds of colour names. You can also choose a specific base colour and see all the variants of it (red, blue, etc.) I would use adblock when going to this site.
  • paletton – really, really neat palette generator. To me, it seems very intimidating because of all the options, but it’s very useful.

I hope this mini impromptu colour name guide helps when describing your protag’s love interest’s eye colour B) Just please don’t describe them as orbs…

Every writer needs to have a good sense of color or at least how to describe it. Even if you’re color-blind, you can still use these sites for information and names and descriptors and stuff. Don’t let something like that hold you back from being a writer. Either make it work or make excuses.

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