can you help me find really good character questionnaires? :)

Absolutely! I actually have some resources on my blog. 🙂

First up: my personal character questionnaire.



Age appears to be:

Appearance (clothing, body type, tattoos,
piercings, etc.):

Back story:

Where their story begins in this story:

Theme song:




Idea of a perfect day:

Where they’re going:

What would they change about theirself, and why?

What would they change about the world, and why?

Most valuable possession(s):

Favorite food and drink:

Nickname/pet name:


What makes them happy/sad/angry:

Deepest desires:



Something that changed their life forever:


Sleep schedule:

Favorite animal(s):

Special features (different forms, type of
immortality, magical abilities, etc.):

 Here are tags you can look at for more stuff:

And here are some specific ones:

30 questions:

Creating a character and writing a bio:

Character checklist and questions:

Random orientation, culture, etc.:

Random character traits (includes fears and goals):


Character flaws and questions:

Master list of writing and character resources:

Personality form:

I hope these help!

It gets better.

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