how to behave around blind people


1. Don’t stare. You would be surprised at the amount of people that stare at a blind person and their family members when they are just out in public, shopping or something.

2. Different blind individuals may need different amounts of help moving around, a seeing eye guide, just a cane, etc. Please don’t abandon a blind person whom you know needs you to get around.

3. Blind people can hear you and you do not need to raise your voice around them or speak slowly.

4. It’s ok to use phrases such as “I see your point” or “I watched this awesome episode of Big Bang Theory last night!” around blind people.


All of the blind people I’ve met are delightful and generally have a good sense of humor about it if you accidentally say something wrong or awkward.

Treat them like you would any other person, but be aware of their limitations. Stairs are hard for them, for example. If I’m walking with a blind person, I’ll warn them about stairs, and if I’m thinking quickly enough, I’ll try to tell them how many stairs there are or how big the steps are.

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