I write. A lot. At least I used to. And people love my writing apparently. But I have been going through severe depression since 3 years and my mental health is terrible. Sigh. I feel like just staying in bed all day and never getting up or waking up. Idk. Idk what my question is even. Sigh.

Okay. I know exactly how you feel. Seriously.

Check out the “depression” tag on my blog for a good place to start:


And motivation to balance it out:


Depression comes and goes as it pleases. So you have to take it like the ebb and flow of the tide.

This week is National Suicide Prevention Week, so you should see about getting some resources from the AFSP: https://afsp.org/

I’m gonna tell you about something that I do. I have a depression/anxiety journal and a happiness journal.

Every day (or simply as often as you can), write down good things that happened and bad things that happened. Whenever I’m feeling down, I’ll write for a bit in the depression journal, then I’ll skim the happiness journal and remind myself of things that make me smile.

The first part helps me get the stuff off my chest, and the second part helps me get the stuff off my mind.

Mixing the two emotions together creates a nice balance of, for lack of a better term, spiritual energy.

Being sad and numb creates a lot of negative energy, and it hangs around you like a cloud. At least, that’s how it feels to me.

It helps to break up the cloud with things that smell good or feel good. Maybe you could wrap yourself in a soft blanket in an armchair by the fire. Maybe you could put on perfume and read a book. Maybe you could chew some of your favorite gum and watch a feel-good movie.

Something else I do is listen to a “wake up” playlist. It’s uplifting and upbeat without being annoyingly happy. I know how annoying happiness can be when it feels like you’re never going to be happy again. Happy people suck when you feel like crap. Here’s my list, which is somewhat full of trashy pop music, so there’s your warning: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFd9p3MLCxZC9-5iIO2XX51KYiEfHLNwn

And on that note, why bother with people at all? You know what I love? Animal cams. I. Love. Them. They make me feel a lot better. Seriously.

Here are some of my favorites:






I also have a document where I keep inspirational and motivational stuff that can be uplifting when I’m down. Plus, I save some uplifting pictures to a folder called “Sappy,” just in case.

Need a hug? 


Self-care master post:


Depression and writer’s block:


This Facebook page always makes me laugh and smile:


And you know what? Screw it. Below is a document I have specially uploaded just for all of you. It contains a portion of my special personal document and has lots of uplifting stuff and anything else you could possibly need in a time of depression, anxiety, or any other illness that makes you feel like crap. It’s messy, but so is life.

(To avoid swamping my inbox, please do not send me suggestions of what to add or change. Seriously. I have a hard enough time answering questions as it is, due to my anxiety.)

I think some of the links might be dead, but I’ll be going through and combing them out as time goes on. (Please don’t swamp me with what’s dead and what is not.)


It’s set to “view only” for obvious reasons, but here. Please, please take it. Let the Internet be a place where we help each other, where we take care of each other like a family. This is me trying to be a part of that idea.

There are a lot of links and a lot of pictures. It’s got suicide-prevention stuff and everything. I’ve put a part of this post at the top.

I’m also giving you a link to a folder full of wallpapers that I made for inspiration and self-care:


Anon, whoever you are, please take these resources and use them to the best of your ability.

Just know this:

It gets better.

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