there’s a resource post that circulates tumblr from time-to-time that basically helps writers research bad, terrible things. Would you happen to know where that post is or have a link? I need to research how to commit suicide by hanging. :(

Okay, I have been completely unable to find it, despite being positive that I’ve posted it before. I found a bunch of other really good resources about bad, terrible things.

First, this describes how various methods of death feel.

Hanging: The rope puts pressure on the windpipe and the arteries to the brain. This can cause unconsciousness in 10 seconds, but it takes longer if the noose is incorrectly sited. Witnesses of public hangings often reported victims “dancing” in pain at the end of the rope, struggling violently as they asphyxiated.

A general way of hanging yourself: Find some rafters, rope, and a chair. Stand on the chair and tie the rope to the rafters, then make a noose knot. Put the noose around your neck. Tighten the noose until it is snug around your neck. Once you think it’s tight enough, kick the chair out from underneath you.

This MIGHT be the post you’re talking about:

Efficient serial-killing:

Stages of decomposition:

Resources for mystery/crime writers:

Ways to die and their symptoms:

Writing death scenes:

I hope these help!

It gets better.

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