if you want everyone to know about the latest SJ thing or the latest news, here’s some accessibility stuff:

don’t write in all caps. period. feel free to capslock some words, but nothing more than a sentence.

in that same idea, use bold, italics, and underline very, very sparingly. don’t even think about touching the headline text feature. and avoid putting anything in the title box area.

put a tl;dr that sums up all your ideas. the length of it depends on how long your post is. remember, it’s a summary: condense everything, cut out what’s unnecessary.

don’t use any scholarly language. your audience is diverse. some of us don’t understand scholarly language, and others take hours to process it. and break your paragraphs more often. 2-4 sentences for a paragraph is what i find the easiest to read.

also: use bullet points / lists when you need to. write out numbers in parentheses, and make sure to use commas in larger numbers. ex. 1,000,000 ( one million ). also consider putting spaces before exclamation and question points ! it’s a lot easier to read.

list any trigger warnings that apply at the beginning of the post. use captions in brackets for any pictures or audio, ex. [ picture of a pallas cat perching on a rock, staring intently at the screen. ]

there’s a lot more but i forgot, feel free to reblog this with additions

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