1. The Daily Word Counts of 39 Famous Authors
  2. 17 Of The Most Powerful Excerpts From Poetry
  3. 37 Ways To Write About Anger
  4. Six Sub-Plots That Add Style To Your Story
  5. 93 Extremely Bad Business Writing Habits to Break
  6. Torture your Character – The Three Most Effective Types
    of Inner Conflict
  7. Proust’s Questionnaire – 35 Questions Every Character
    Should Answer
  8. How To Become A Writer – The Easy Way – by Neil Gaiman
  9. When To Use ‘That’ And When To Use ‘Which’
  10. How To Write A Beginning And An Ending That Readers
    Will Never Forget
  11. 11 Things To Know About Dating A Writer
  12. Word Counts – How long should your novel be?
  13. Howdy Ma’am: Three Ways To Introduce Your Characters In
    The First Few Lines
  14. 10 Things To Stop Doing To Yourself As A Writer
  15. The Five Best Online Tools to Help You Outline Your
  16. Make Me Care – Nine Ways To Ensure An Unforgettable
  17. The Three Mistakes Writers Make That Stop Us Reading
    Their Books
  18. Why First Time Authors Don’t Write The Books They Want
    To Read
  19. How To Avoid ‘Telling’ Words
  20. The Opposite Habits of Famous Writers
  21. The Nine Types of Unreliable Narrator
  22. 13 Ways To Start A Story
  23. The Three Surprises You Need In A Story
  24. Six Questions To Ask Before You Even Start Your First
  25. The 12 Worst Mistakes People Make In Email Subject
  26. NaNoWriMo Calendar – Organise and Conquer!
  27. Literary Style: 15 Writers and Their Bedrooms
  28. The Romantic Sub-Plot – Six Uncommon Romantic Love
  29. Three Steps To Help You Write Brilliant Descriptions
  30. 10 Remedies For The Horrible Things Writers Tell
  31. 180 Emotionally Powerful Words To Use In Headlines
  32. Write Small – Five Ways To Make Your Reader Care
  33. How To Plot A Perfect Scene In 10 Minutes
  34. It’s Never Too Late To Start Writing – When 27 Famous
    Authors Were Published
  35. One Goal To Rule Them All – Five Things To Consider
    Before You Write An Epic Fantasy
  36. Unhinged — Three Plot Devices You Should Definitely Be
  37. 12 Inspiring Literacy Quotes
  38. 10 Elementary Tips For Writers From Sherlock Holmes
  39. Four ways to remove padding words
  40. Five Ways To Create Fictional Conflict That Counts
  41. The Writer’s Journey – Five exercises to get you
  42. Three Lines That Will Help You Write A Better First

The meaning of life and writing… 

Here’s the rest of my January sorted.

The Top 42 Writing Posts of 2015

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