Dear @teenvogue,

Your recent article “10 Reasons Why Katniss Should’ve Chosen Gale” lists incredibly inappropriate reasons as to why one person would choose to be with another person and your young and impressionable readers should not be exposed to it.

The first point “Gale Knows Her Better Than Anyone Else” is incorrect. He has known her longer than Peeta, and most people outside of her family, but he has only known her for a total of three and half years at the start of the series and in that time he learns much less about her than Peeta does in the time Katniss spends with him in their first trip to the arena. Peeta is able to correctly gauge Katniss’s feelings and thoughts and predict how she will react to things throughout Catching Fire especially, while Gale is unable to reconcile the Katniss he thought he knew with the one that is before him.

Furthermore, if he did know her better than anyone else, that would not mean that she should choose him because that still doesn’t change the fact that she does not love him.

The second point “He’s Unconditionally There For Her” is also incorrect. As mentioned, Gale does take care of her family while she is in the Games and he does get them out of District 12 before it is bombed. However, Gale and Katniss had a preexisting agreement that they would take care of each other’s families should either of them happen to be reaped. Also, when District 13 was going to be bombed in Mockingjay, it was Peeta who saved her family. Gale is not the only one who protects her family, so this is not a reason that Katniss should choose Gale over Peeta. And regardless, it is Gale’s bomb that was designed to deliberately target people like Katniss and her family, who rush to help people when they are wounded, that ends up killing Prim.

Also, when Katniss gets back from her first trip to the arena, the first thing he does is kiss her and say that he “had to do that” putting his personal needs above her own. He has never wanted what was best for Katniss, he has only ever wanted what is best for himself.

And regardless, someone being there for you when you need them is never a reason to overlook your own personal feelings of not loving them and be with them anyway.

The third point, that “He Calls Her Katnip” is actually misspelled. It’s “Catnip” and regardless, someone calling you by a pet name–which by the way, she hates–is not a reason to be with someone. And also, Peeta calls her “sweetheart” and even if he did not, he would not need to be “ashamed of himself.” The young teens reading this who need to decide between two boys should know that it is possible to decide on one without relying on insults to the other. Even if they view one of the boys as terrible, that does not mean that they should be with the other by default, and they can still be kind to the boy whom they are rejecting.

Also, Katniss herself gives nicknames to two people in the course of the series: Prim and Peeta. There are deliberate parallels between her love for her sister and the man she ultimately chooses to spend her life with (such as entering a hunger games with the intent to die for them among others) and her nicknames for them: “little duck” and “the boy with the bread” are one of these parallels.

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This is a literary rant that I absolutely love. It’s not recent, but whatever.

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