Ironies of the INFJ Personality




Wanting to have a very deep connection with people, but hating the early steps it takes to get to that point.

Hating small talk but actually being very eloquent and particularly excellent at speaking about more in-depth subjects you love.

Having strong, powerful opinions you will fight for, but being very soft-spoken.

People are naturally drawn to your warm, kind personality, but you hate too much attention, power over others, and the types of people drawn to your power.

You are always sought after more than you would ever care to be.

Yearning for a relationship with a significant other that transcends physical, mental, and emotional, to the point that it’s almost as if it is spiritual, but disliking early dating culture.

It’s almost impossible to find “that someone,” but when you do, your relationship will reach a depth and commitment that others can only dream of.

The hardest part of being in a relationship with “that someone” might be finding them to begin with.

Often INFJs find themselves in a leadership position in the workplace, but try to make all their subordinates equals.

When parenting, you want your children to be independent thinkers who are true to themselves–as long as that means they have the same morals and standards as you.

Wanting very deep connections with people, but being the rarest personality type (less than 1% of the population)

Having an ability to easily understand others’ thoughts and feelings and seeing straight through insincerity, but being mysterious and even enigmatic to everyone else.

Wanting powerful friendships, but having the tendency to abandon healthy friendships too early, in search of more compatible ones.

Having high, perfectionistic expectations, but being very sensitive to any kind of criticism.

High achievers, but they burn themselves out.

Having the ability to be easily liked and popular, but often preferring to a be a lone wolf.

People will think you are an extrovert, but you are an introvert.

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Im an INFJ… this is exactly me but how is that the rarest one is most of tumblr is infj 😐 whose lying????

I’m replying to this because I’ve seen half a dozen comments or so like this one. It’s true that INFJ is the rarest, with somewhat less than 1% (though some sources do say 1%). Let’s say it is 1% – then that means that 1 out of 100 people is an INFJ personality. I have quite a few friends from high school who are INFJs too, considering the few thousands of teens in my school, that means there are 100 INFJs for every 1000 students. It’s the rarest, but it’s not like 1/100,000 rare. Maybe 1/100 rare, or 1/300 rare.

Also, INFJs are attracted to certain things. Quite a few of my college friends are INFJs, but I’m an English graduate, which is categorized under Humanities, which is a subject INFJs are usually drawn to.

INFJs are also usually interested in or at least gifted at writing. I have a writing blog, so a fair percentage of the people who follow me and saw this post are likely be INFJ, so they liked and reblogged it and identified themselves.

But I do think there is a good chance that INFJs gravitate to Tumblr and other social media outlets, compared to some other personalities. You have the writing thing again, you don’t have to small-talk as much online, and can quickly find people who share your interests, which is something INFJs tend to seek more intensely than other personality types.

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