It is okay to start writing even if you don’t have a clear vision of what you are going to write.

This is my problem, I’m someone that needs a well thought out perfection piece – that I procrastinate writing because my thoughts aren’t lined up to go where I want

I have this issue at times, too! In fact, I often abandon my
brain children because I don’t know what to do with them beyond their concept
and/or title. Our little perfectionist brains need to learn how to shut up
sometimes! I find that it helps to force yourself to do a writing prompt or
even just write about your day—something to get the words flowing out of your
fingers. It’s really hard to get started, but I always feel better once I do.

Even when money is at stake, I still find myself
procrastinating. Sometimes, you just have to tell your mind to get over itself,
and you need to remind yourself of all the things you’re missing out on by
taking longer to accomplish something. I get anxiety sometimes when I’m not
working, because I know I should be. And that anxiety is worse than the anxiety
I get when I’m actually trying to work. Lesser of two evils, you know? If there
are people you want to spend time with, then think about it in terms of that.
If you don’t get this done, then you’ll be miserable all weekend because you’re
trying to have fun even when you didn’t accomplish anything. 

This is not a “one size fits all” thing! That’s just how I
am, as well as other perfectionists I know. Listen to upbeat music (but not too
upbeat) and talk about something you enjoy talking about. You just might find
that what you’re typing is about your project because you’re excited about it.

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