I’ve had scoliosis, took 2 years to heal. I have to tell, you’re going to need an orthopaedic corset, there’s no way it’s gonna go away with just pilates and posture exercises. So save a bit of money for that, they’re not very expensive, usually they are around 200-300 at least where I live. After that, it’s highly unlikely it will come back😊 Ask your doctor if you’ll need a full one (neck included) or just to cover the bust, and ask for shops where to buy it. Hope this helped!

Ah, thanks for the info and advice. 🙂 I’m sorely aware of my body leaning to the left now that I know what’s up.

I keep seeing things online about how braces are largely for children and people who get surgery, so I’m pretty nervous about that.

I don’t know quite where the scoliosis starts and stops, but my lumbar area is where the degenerative discs are.

My mom had to get surgery when I was little, and my granddad just got surgery yesterday. I just really hope that’s not in my future, based on the pain I’m being told about. And I already feel like I can hardly do anything, so the brace and recovery and all that just sounds like a nightmare, honestly.

Thanks again! I’m going to be making a list of questions for the orthopedist, and I’ll be sure to include that.

I appreciate the help and thoughtfulness. :3

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