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not separated from this picture!}

I was really tired last night and thus was checking to see if
our nearest zoo had capybaras. They don’t, but in my sleepy delirium, I started
explaining to my sister who each of the animals really were. I refined it in a
non-tired state, and here’s what we have.

This is a “tag yourself” meme game thingy, so do what you
will. I’ve never made one before, but I tried my best to fit the format.

Animal images heartlessly ripped from https://www.nashvillezoo.org/our-animals. I’m so sorry.
I hope you think this is funny, because I sure did last night. Please support
our zoo, because it – despite its lack of capybaras – is quite wonderful.

Which one are you?

Want to help out with endangered species? Send this to your
local government representative or symbolically adopt one here.

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