themes commonly found in international friendships


– ‘u dont have (insert food/music/restaurant here) over there??’
– ‘wait what time is it. shouldnt u be asleep’
– alternatively: timezoned/clockblocked again
– ‘do u need a hug. have a virtual hug’
– weird slang terms
– ‘i will fight everyone thats mean to u. i will fight them rn’
– vague embarrassment regarding ur accent
– ‘oh yeah i have a friend who lives in (insert country here) and apparently’
– no real hugs :((
– suffering
– fahrenheit vs celsius
– the measuring of things in feet fucks one of u up, probably

Writing about long-distance friendship? Here are some things that are often in this kind of relationship. My friend was in China for a year, and I can verify that nearly all of these things applied.

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