someone tell me how to walk in heels without crying

First: when buying heels make sure to buy at the end of the day. Like you should have been up and about for hours before trying them on. This way your feet at their most swollen which means when you wear them you will have room for when they swell up.

Second: break them in. Wear them around the house for 30 minutes a day for a few days before you wear them out the first time. I usually do this for 3-7 days, the higher the heel the more days you do. This helps your feet and leg muscles get used to walking in them. If they still hurt the same they did on day one by the third day though return them, they are cut wrong for your feet.

Third: if the shoes allow for it try wearing those little socks with the cushion pads on the heel and ball of the foot. If the shoe doesn’t allow for that use band-aids friction block stick to protect those areas and reapply when it becomes uncomfortable. do not wait until it already hurts, it’s a blister by then.

This is what I do with my heels and I’m usually pretty good wearing 4 inchers for like 6 hours (not daily mind you). So these tips should help.


life saver omg

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