when will writers stop adding unneeded heterosexual romances to shows and movies?? can I get an exact date cause I’m gonna sleep till then

Writers: Your story doesn’t need to have a romance. If it does need to have a romance, it doesn’t have to be hetero. In case you were wondering.

I had typed up this really lengthy thing about my issues with this, but I lost it somehow (I could have sworn I queued it), and I’m not going to go through that again. Just remember that you don’t have to have your characters fall in love with the first person they meet, especially if that person is the first one of a different gender they’ve ever met.

Though on the flipside, if you *want* to write a romance, even a heterosexual romance, there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just a matter of writing what you want, rather than adding in romance to to fill some sort of by the numbers quota.

If a romance develops naturally, go ahead with it. If you have a romance planned and it doesn’t work, ditch it. But don’t decide you’re going to write a romance between certain characters just because you feel like you have to or your book isn’t going to sell well / properly developed, and don’t feel like you can’t write a romance between certain characters because it’s been done before.

This is absolutely true! You are more than welcome to write a romance, no matter the genders. If you want to write a short story, book, poem, or whatever about a heterosexual couple, cool!

But you aren’t obligated to include romance–heterosexual or otherwise–in your stories. If you find it necessary to appeal to women, then maybe you need to look at making your work appeal to a broader audience overall. Adding a romance won’t fix what is fundamentally uninteresting.

Plenty of stories benefit from sub-plots involving romance! But there are so many times when it feels forced and is clearly only there so they can say it’ll draw in a female crowd.

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