Why Some Blog Writers Become Incredibly Popular and You Can, Too.


You. Are. Magical.

I’d like to leave you with a few tips to consider:

  • Building a readership takes time, usually longer than you expect. Don’t give up.
  • It’s okay to fall on your face, then get back up and try again. Dust yourself off and repeat.
  • It’s better to post one or two quality posts a week rather than mediocre daily posts (unless you’re naturally prolific like Seth Godin).
  • Engage readers who take the time to comment. It should be easy at first, but try to keep this up as your readership grows.
  • Write about your failures because you’re human with real life issues.
  • Write about your successes for the same reason.
  • Be positive and constructive, even when sharing your failures.
  • Don’t be your harshest critic. Be open to improvement – that’s important – but clearly be on the side of your supporters.
  • Actually, go for it: be your own number-1 supporter.
  • Write with confidence, even if you’re not confident yet.
  • Have fun, and don’t be shy about adding some humor. Readers love to giggle a little.
  • Be awesome, because you are.

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Why Some Blog Writers Become Incredibly Popular and You Can, Too.

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