Rapid Prompt



Dusty hat.

Yeah, so this went somewhere pretty depressing, but it’s still something.

Her fingers ghosted over the crown, stroked the brim with a touch as light as a feather. How long had it been hidden away at the top of the closet, lurking, waiting to pull on the still tender strings of emotion? At least a decade, but possibly longer. Had it been relegated here immediately? Or had it lingered in some other corner for a time, mocking its owner’s demise with its continued presence? She reached to pick it up, cast it into the trash bin but stayed her own action with memory of his smile. It was his, and she would keep it.

Follower Friday is finally here!! I’m going to try to keep on top of this with stuff that I’ve been tagged in, are responses to prompts/other posts of mine, and questions from my ask box!

Thanks for sharing with us,

joaryn!! <3

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