Meta-Post: Personal Update

Hello again, friends! Thank you for staying here with me all this time.

Got some updates for you!

  • I have a new temp job! I can’t say anything else about it, because there are malicious individuals in the world.
  • I’m hoping my temp job will lead to a full-time position.
  • I actually finally checked my tag on Tumblr, and it turns out people have been putting my username in their tags, but Tumblr hasn’t e-mailed me about that at all! It does, however, e-mail me when someone tags me in the actual text of the post. Want me to see something you posted? That’s the best way for it.
  • The amount of messages and pieces of writing… it is astounding. I have such a wonderful base of followers, but my social anxiety has made it difficult to attend to your needs and desires. I truly hope that consistent work will take stress off me so that I can spend my free time working on this blog again. Your voices are heard! I read your messages, I read what you tag me in, and I read your submissions! I haven’t replied to everything and am colossally behind in that regard, but your voice is heard. I promise.
  • My writing habits have suffered lately. I’m going to try to take my own advice!
  • The trouble with having a public professional brand is that people that make you uncomfortable pretty much have unfettered access to your professional life. I want to share with you things in my life. But I can’t. When I feel safe again (which may be never), then we can do things differently. If you know any ways to solve cyber-stalking and online harassment, please let me know.

Anyway, those are the big things going on right now. I have a rich personal life in some ways, but I’m also overworking myself. I hope to sort that out when I start work next month. I am mostly content and am as healthy as a nearly disabled person can be, I suppose. Back pain sucks. Insomnia sucks. Depression and anxiety suck. That’s life.

Love you lots, and you should be getting regular blog posts again soon! <3

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