I really love the prompts that are one-liners for couples. Can you do a few of those please? Like maybe 5?


1. “I told you to take out the trash after I left…I was gone for 5 hours.” 

2. “You’re sick, you’re not dying, buttercup.”

3. “I’ll tell your mom on you.”

4. “I’m not wearing a tie…it just makes it easier for you to choke me if I say something wrong.”

5. “It’s Checkers…it’s a game. Babe! I don’t want to sleep on the couch again!”

6. “The weather’s too bad, I’m not letting you drive.”

7. “I love you the most-est”

8. “Can you sing to me?”

9. “Sausage or bacon? And no, not my sausage.”

10. “You. Better. Run.”

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