Meta-Post and Project Announcements (Very Long)

Hello, darlings!! I just hit
17,000 followers last night, after a year of severe depression that ended up
making my progress on this blog completely fall off.

was at 10,000 followers in 2016
, and for the next six months, I got 1,000
followers a month. Unfortunately, 2017 was not kind to my family. We had to get
ourselves in order before I could feel comfortable being active on here again.
It was too stressful to put any extra responsibilities on myself. I had to
focus on surviving all the bad stuff and being physically present wherever and whenever I

I saw my monthly follower count
go down, down, down, to below 80. That was hard to swallow. But now that I’m
starting to see the light on the other side, I feel like I can be more present
in this digital space.

As a major “thank you!!” to my
wonderful followers, many of which have been with me for several years, I’m announcing
some special projects!

First, we have a book for this
blog—it’ll be a “best of” collection, with new content and a bunch of stuff
that you, my loyal readers, say that you want to see! I’m titling it after my
official name for the blog—“Why Aren’t You Writing?”

I want to continue to create
content that people like and find useful. Want to throw some ideas in the hat
and give me feedback on my blog as a whole? Take my quick survey:

Feedback survey for WriteInspiration

I’m also setting up a longer survey so you can give me more
individualized ideas on the projects I discuss in this post:

product survey

Some of the questions will be referenced in this post, so if you have an answer/suggestion/comment for my questions, check the survey to see if it would be appropriate to answer/suggest it there.
For the question asking what
kind of book you would buy, here are the answers in the order of most popular
to least popular:

  • Writing advice

  • Just writing prompts
  • Grammar and punctuation help
  • A “Best of WriteInspiration” collection
    (most popular/most interesting/most useful posts collected into a book)
  • Novels, novellas, and/or short stories
  • Inspiration and motivation
  • General advice
  • Post-college advice
  • Things to help with depression/anxiety/suicidal
  • College advice
  • Just personal stuff, like a memoir or something

A lot of my stuff is reblogged,
so if you want to give me permission to use anything I’ve reblogged from you or
answered (your questions, answers, ideas, original posts, and original fiction),
please let me know!
You can do that (please tell me explicitly which post I can
use, preferably including a link) in the last question of the survey or through
a reblog of this post.

At the moment, the “best of”
collection will include writing advice and prompts, as well as inspiration and
motivational things.

Would you prefer to keep
everything separate, or are you happy to have a book with variety?

And because a
grammar/punctuation guide was so high up in the ranks…


The above two covers were completely designed by me, using This isn’t advertising–just showing there are free websites that you can practice graphic design on. I genuinely love Canva! (I would definitely advertise it for monetary compensation, if anyone from the Canva team is interested!)

And, one more project to
announce. I’m also starting to get back to writing for myself. As such, I
intend to finish my novella (shorter than a novel, longer than a short story)
that serves as a prequel of sorts to my first full-length book. My goal is to
publish several novellas for the series I’m working on while I still seek an
agent for representation and/or a traditional publishing company.

This one is
called Forgive and Forget. I’ve purchased a one-of-a-kind, customized cover (from Perry Elisabeth Designs) but am unsure
which version of my name to use on it for my brand as a fiction writer. Here’s
what it looks like in both forms:


The price and format
(electronic, hard copy, etc.) for these books are still up in the air! Please
let me know in the survey what you prefer. Currently, the most popular price is
between $5 and $10, with $1 to $5 trailing behind.

Some of you have said you would also
pay at least 99 cents for a coffee mug, online course, webinar, or livestream.
Now is a great time to let me know what designs and topics are of interest for
you! (If you want to suggest a selling platform for such items, please feel
free to do so! I’m interested in TeePublic and Storenvy but haven’t done much
research yet.)

Now, there’s one last question
that I feel is inevitable…

What will happen to the blog
while I work on these books?

Nothing different! Many blogs
and sites vanish off the face of the planet as soon as the creator announces
that they’re doing a book.

This will not be the case.

done enough vanishing, and I’d rather post regularly than churn out something
without a lot of consideration. It might take a while to get them done, but I
don’t want to abandon you for some indeterminate amount of time again. I am
here. Expect me to post as regularly as possible.

Also, let me know how often you
want to hear updates on the books!
I don’t want to overwhelm you with the same
stuff over and over, so I’ll only update you as often as you want to be
updated. And I’ll keep a link to the latest update at the bottom of each post
so you won’t have to go digging for it.

Feedback survey for WriteInspiration

WriteInspiration product survey


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