A Meta-Post That Is Terrifying to Post

This year, I’m trying to let go of unhealthy habits.

One such habit is that I got so focused on adding tags and commentary to my reblogs (because tags are what helped me get traction on this site) that I started feeling anxious about the whole thing.

I would put stuff in Drafts, then let it sit there for months and literally even years because I knew I would have to add a ton of tags to it in order to maintain consistency and help people as much as possible.

So, some changes that are coming:

  • I’m just going to queue stuff I want to share from my Drafts.
    • If it’s important to me or I simply want to keep on my toes, I can compete with myself to tag things in my Queue before they get posted.
  • If it is not tagged, then that means I didn’t get back to it before it got posted.
  • If it is tagged, I took the time to add tags to stuff in my Queue or am sharing it directly as a post or scheduled post.
  • There will be posts every day. Not all of them will be tagged. Many of them won’t have info about how you can support this blog. Please use word of mouth to spread my posts if you appreciate my work!
  • Doing this will allow me to actually dedicate time to writing helpful posts and answering questions more often.
    • And I already feel relieved enough to work on my personal projects and not feel as guilty about having so much that’s left undone on this blog. Baby steps!

When given a set of choices, choose your mental health.

Letting go of a habit is incredibly difficult. Please be patient with me and support me in whatever ways you can.

[My time at my temporary job is coming to a close in the next couple of months, so if you have any leads on things I can do as a semi-disabled person (lots of chronic pain that prevents me from standing for long periods of time) who knows punctuation better than anyone else, please let me know! <3]

Thanks for reading. Now it’s time to ramp up the actual dang content of this thing.

~Stephanie, posting directly, right now, trying not to stress






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