Behold our 2000+ awesome users!:’)

Hey our beloved Pens!
We are so thrilled to announce that in less than a year after leaving closed beta, Penana has now over 2,000 registered users worldwide!

We have always wanted Penana to be of something useful, something amazing, to everyone out there with a love for writing stories, sharing ideas, and collaborative creation. It is such joy and honor to see so many of you helping us shape this Storyworld throughout our amazing journey. Imagine a world built with awesome stories, ideas, and inspirations from each and every one of us – how exciting is that?

To all our two thousand aspiring writers and readers at Penana – thank you for choosing to step in so bravely the very first day and for the encouragement you gave us all along. It really means a lot to us. Your kindness will be duly reciprocated – so be prepared for tons of great features coming out soon, ones which will spark creative muses so large (yes you heard us right!) that your friends can’t handle! *evil laugh*

If you are an aspiring writer/reader, a creative dreamer, or someone who holds a certain degree of awesomeness (which we know you do – don’t be shy:)), come on in! It will be an experience you won’t likely forget – right, Pens?

Till next time!:)

With much love,

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