Headcanon for a s/o who’s monster boyfriend has depression? It can be any monster


Okay, Anon, I’m gonna go wiiiith… a demon. Just ye olde demon with fiery eyes, horns, hooves, etc. GENERIC, BUT HEY; THEY DESERVE LOVE TOO.

[Also, as a fellow sufferer of depression and various other things, this hits home.]

You love him a lot, you REALLY do, but… some days are worse than others. You know this well, and try to be supportive.

He’s actually a bit of a recluse, as it were; he hardly leaves home anymore, and you check on him every few hours to make sure he’s taking care of himself. He’d go days without eating if you didn’t remind him, and no matter how much you like seeing him in his heart-print boxer-briefs, it helps him to get dressed everyday. It’s a sort of minor trigger that gets his energy going.

He’ll have good days now and then, when he’s able to get up and do stuff, but only for short periods before his energy flags and he has to rest. He’s learned to embrace those moments when they come and, after much work, not to beat himself up over being unable to do more. One step at a time, you remind him, and he is always grateful.

Every once in a while, when you’re feeling a bit down yourself, he’ll get enough momentum going to take amazing care of you. Snuggles, cooking, movie marathons, the whole shebang. It’s those days that you really know how much he loves you and how lucky you are to be together. Granted, he’s burned out for a while afterward, but it’s a trade-off he’s told you he never regrets so long as it makes you feel better.

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