help a black trans girl survive w/o help from her bullshit dad

hi im sugar and i made a post prior to this about my situation. Long story short, my dad (a black man) finally had his long-awaited mixed baby casey (here she is my lil sis 💕)


and has decided that he longer wants to talk to, support or acknowledge me (his fully black, dark skinned, trans daughter) and refuses to help me and my mother pay for college. and ive always noticed that he was off about me, that he was kinda distant and deeply and vocally dissatisfied w me as a whole but who woulda thought huh lmao.

heres what he said to me (i blurred out the deadnaming and misgendering bc i hear it enough from him on the rare occasions i have to talk to him):

heres what he said to my mother about me and what my mom said to him:

and yes my mom saying we dont need help is so freaking untrue. we’re poor and my dad is the one making bank and im so freaking worried that i may have to drop out of school but if i do im worried i might never go back and honestly waking up these days is really really fucking hard lol.

my dad is keeping my sister from me, left me n my mother to struggle w paying for school and on top of that hes no longer going half for my hormones w my mom so really everything is effed lmaooo!

i’ve raised about 650 on tumblr with the help of everyone that that helped finish covering my room and meal plan and the bill is halfway paid.

heres what my bill looks like for this semester.

here what we paid and what we owe:

im trying to get a job on campus so i can help pay alongside my mom but my full time status may make it hard. at the very least i just wanna pay off this semester and if i have to drop out then ig i will so ty for anything anyone can do to help.

if you can please please donate or reblog or send me some nice messages bc at this point anything helps me stay grounded and hopeful

ty for ur time.

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