Please help me avoid eviction at the end of this month!!




March 27th, 2018.

Hi everyone, it’s me your local burden, back with another one of these dumb posts. I’ve had to remake this because my last one was embarrassingly long and got a lot of notes but I still haven’t reached my goal and I’m still struggling to pay my rent, overdue bills and get groceries for April. 

My rent and overdue bills are due to be paid in 3 DAYS (APRIL 30TH).

*My original post with all my information can be found here.*

Long story short, I’m currently on benefits (U.C) as my mental illnesses prevent me from working and just before Christmas I had to attend a WCA (Work Capability Assessment) and my benefit was sanctioned and reassessed due to my mental illnesses. I received the outcome of my assessment and I’m heartbroken to say that I scored 0/15 points on the assessment, meaning that I do not qualify for the limited capability for work elements of U.C or any additional support. This decision was brought forth due to the fact that I can wash and dress without much difficulty and can converse with people, even with my depression, anxiety and stress.

(All evidence of this has been attached to my YouCaring).  

I really am so sorry to have to ask for help again, but with my rent urgently needing to be paid on Friday, 30th March along with my other bills, I really am struggling and I don’t know when my benefit will go back up or when I will hear about the reconsideration (the appeal process can take up to 4 – 6 weeks, often longer) and until then I really need help with my rent, bills and getting groceries for April and May.

Please consider helping out by donating, if you can, to my YouCaring or preferably to the PayPal and Ko-Fi links below, sharing would also mean the world to me.

I also understand that everyone is struggling, but even just £1/$1 makes such a difference. And if you don’t agree with this post or “e-begging” please don’t comment/send hate, just ignore this and be kind.

Thank you 🙏💖💖

PayPal ★  Ko-fi

YouCaring – £1021/£1200

Please help out guys if you possibly can. I have 1 DAY LEFT to pay my rent and overdue bills.  

I absolutely loathe to ask for more help but, I still desperately need it. Things are getting incredibly difficult and bills are constantly popping up (my phone bill and electricity, which is currently on its emergency credit) so I could really use all the help I can possibly get and sharing definitely helps just as much a donations and nobody has to donate if they can’t or don’t want to.  

Thank you so much.

PayPal ★  Ko-fi

YouCaring – £1046/£1200


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