Disability AUs


  • We’re the only two neurodivergent people in this Psychology 101 Class we must band together to survive.
  • You’re the ASL interpreter working my favorite artist’s concert and you’ve done the most masterful interpretation of my favorite song can we go out for coffee?
  • There’s only one gluten free muffin left don’t think I won’t fight you for it.
  • Autism Speaks put a vile billboard in our hometown and we both decided to deface it on the same night.
  • This library only has one audiobook copy of the obscure textbook our professor is making us use so I guess we’re sharing it.
  • We’re both skipping social skills class I won’t tell if you don’t.
  • The most frustrating thing about having my AAC machine broken right now is it’s so much harder to flirt with the cute technician who came over to fix it.
  • I have Crohn’s Disease and some asshole wouldn’t let me cut them in line to the bathroom but then u burst out of your stall with ur pants down and ushered me in. Also ur underwear is really cute.
  • There’s only one theatre in this town that plays movies with captions and I always see u there but the thing is the films you go to are all shit let me show you what real cinematography is.
  • I’m new here and I don’t know where any of the ramps are yet please help.
  • You’re my favorite paralympian can you autograph my prosthesis?
  • Someone tried to push my chair and then got mad at me when I told them to leave me alone so you picked them up to give them a taste of their own medicine. It turns out you also have mobility problems and this was a good symptom day for you but then you lifted a grown adult and now everything hurts. I am oddly endeared by ur terrible impulse control can u maybe hitch a ride with me?
  • You’ve never fronted around me and I’ve never fronted around you but our system members think we should date.
  • Our physical therapy sessions overlap and I know it’s rude to stare but ur butt in those yoga pants damn.
  • I forgot to renew my prescription several days in a row and got to the pharmacy minutes before closing time and you rang me up but it turns out I forgot my wallet at home and now I’m crying hysterically did I mention I’ve been off my meds for a few days.

  • We get chemo on the same schedule and we’ve never talked but I see you all the time and ur really cute.
  • We’re both little people trying to find formalwear in the children’s aisle and exchanging shopping and tailoring tips has quickly turned into flirting.
  • You’re my new roommate in the ward and I was about to lay down the law but ur really hot omg so now I’m just blabbering.
  • Ok so I know this is illegal but I noticed that you take the same prescription as me and I forgot my meds at my dorm please can you lend me a pill I have a test today that’s 30% of my final grade.
  • I just got my diagnosis and I’m really scared but I went into the tag and found ur selfies and posts and u are so funny and gorgeous and insightful can we skype some time?

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