Don’t let big name or tumblr famous blogs who get like 500000000000000 notes get you down or keep you from doing your thing. 

Make your gifs. 

Write your fic. 

Post your artwork.

Share your poetry.

I guarantee you there’s someone out there that loves your gifs, loves seeing new fic from you, loves seeing new art from you, and loves reading new poetry from you. 

So the fuck what if you don’t have 5 bajillion notes? I know a lot of people lurk on tumblr, or don’t have accounts, or don’t post much, so really for every 5 notes you get, there’s at least maybe double…. triple….. quadruple that, that are reading. 

I know it’s frustrating, but keep doing your thing because there are people out there that love you and love your work. Never give up doing the things you love because you never know who’s watching that you might have an impact on. Your little blog might be the only thing that puts a smile on someone’s face. 

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