So I’m writing a story about a vampire and a human couple, but I’m not quite sure how to introduce them to one another. Any ideas?


As I’ve mentioned with other asks about characters meeting, there are many different ways you could go here and they don’t have to be anything special, it depends on what you’re going for in the scene and for the characters. You could have a totally normal introduction like where they meet in line at the grocery store or share a class, or you could go the other way and have something that is super specific to your characters (since this obviously depends on your characters I can’t give examples). A piece of advice would be to think about what would make for a likely introduction that goes beyond the fact that they are human and vampire. Here are some completely random examples:

  • The human loves bird watching and is out in the forest one day when they discover a cave and decide to venture in. Cue a sleeping vampire cuddled up with some bats.
  • The vampire is trying to do a cross country road trip, travelling at night of course, but gravely miscalculated the distance from one motel stop to the other and now the sun is close to coming up and oops, they know this human’s random BnB is full right now but like they will pay anything to just sit in the living or something…please.
  • The vampire doesn’t know they are a vampire and is seeking medical help from their GP or alternatively their roommate’s sibling who is in med school. 
  • The human has read way too many vampire stories and is worried they may actually be one so they go to a vampire support group where they meet an actual vampire. 

So again, these may not work because they are specific to what’s going on with the characters and the plot but that’s the kind of idea you want to work towards 🙂

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