Hi!! I’m working on some graphic design to sell more art on Society6. Here are a few experimental designs I’ve been working on.

Which ones are your favorites? How could they be better? (Please bear in mind that I’m not a professional artist with any real training or major software, so I can make some basic changes, but my resources are pretty minimal.)

I decided to go with “I persisted” instead of the standard “she persisted” so that people of any gender can proclaim that they are going to keep pushing forward through their struggles. 🙂

Here’s my Society6 store as it is:


If you would like to buy an item with any of these designs, please let me know, and I’ll set them up! I want to continue to create items that encourage self-care, courage, and persistence.

My mom bought a few “It Gets Better” items: the tote bag, the carry-all pouch, and the sticker (in TWO sizes!!). I also got the pillow for someone special, as well as the “Why Aren’t You Writing?” metal print. ALL of the items look and feel so, so amazing. The textures and print quality are just outstanding.

As I said before, I want to make things that I would buy–and I did! I’ll try to get some photos sometime. I’m also pretty happy with these designs but want to see what other people think as well!

If there are any ideas from my blog that you think would be great to carry with you, let me know!

Anyway, please just let me know which designs are your favorites so I can set them up for your enjoyment!

There are a few products on Society6 that require larger resolutions (such as the comforters and shower curtains), so they may not be possible. I’ll make a simplified version of the design to suit the other products, if necessary (as you can see with some of my current items).

IT GETS BETTER (now also readable on my new site!)

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Big projects on the way!!

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