You know, this is why content creators end up abandoning their works, right?

80 likes compared to 10 reblogs means that only 12% of people decided that what you did is worth showing other people.

If you like the thing, reblog it. You don’t even have to add tags, just spread it so that a) other people can see it, and b) the creator gets recognition for what they did.

Obviously, those numbers are never going to match, but the divide should not be that huge.

It’s even more important right now, because tumblr is garbage and they’ve stopped allowing anything with an outside link from appearing in tags. Writers/artists cannot tag things to their twitter/store/writing website. That can cause a significant drop in views, especially for newer creators.

Like… we aren’t asking for much. A few reblogs. Reviews/comments. No creator should have to beg for that much.

I just wanna add on if I can. I don’t want this to seem like a call out post or anything. I don’t want people to think I’m desperate for exposure. But I need that exposure, and I need every ounce of it. I’m not well known, but some day I’d like to be, and the one of the only ways one can make it, especially online, is with the amount of exposure they receive. I need it to grow further as a creator and to be able to keep writing (and drawing) with the knowledge that I’m not just doing it for myself. I mainly do it for everyone because I like to make people happy, myself included in the lot. So please, when you see something that you like, or even if you see something that you think other people might like, signal boost it and reblog it. That way it gets out there, and then it’ll start to spread. The likes to reblogs ratio is terrible, and I find that most of my popular things probably have 200 likes to 80 reblogs. That’s not even any of my works or pieces. Those are just shitposts.

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