DOPE BLACK PEOPLE! Drop Your Twitter Handle!

Yo. My name is Amber if we haven’t met. WE ABOUT TO! lol So I’m doing this social experiment.

I currently have about 80k Subscribers on YOUTUBE (Finally Amber) but I’m just returning back to Twitter after not having one for 6 YEARS! 🤦🏾‍♀️

I want to teach YOUNG BLACK ENTREPRENEURS to STOP limiting themselves ONLY to the social media platforms they are “popular” on (cue “Popular Black Hotties” ❤️).

If you are an ACTIVE TWEETER. Drop your Twitter handle below. I’m not even asking you guys to follow me back. If you like my content, hopefully you will 😉

But right now I’m just looking for other dope black people to ENGAGE with. I want to show people that it’s LESS about the QUANTITY of people who follow YOU. It’s about the QUALITY of people you have in your space.

People who are going to MOTIVATE you with your their own dope shit, ya know?


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