Seeking Content Writers


Looking to write professionally? Want to break into
freelancing without hunting the job boards or spending hours on proposals?
Freelancing already and want to add a steady client to your list?

November Ink is seeking talented writers to add to our team
– ones interested in writing blog posts, newsletters, articles, product
reviews, product descriptions, comparison pieces
(pros and cons of certain
products when compared to one another), and/or web content (“about” pages,
“service” pages, etc.). 

As an online content marketing business, made up of
freelancers and full-time professionals, we’d love to welcome some talented
wordsmiths aboard!

Since November Ink is a content provider, we have a range of
clients and therefore require a range of content covering different topics.
Some of these topics would include (but are not limited to): fashion, tech,
travel, DIY, food, back-to-school, home improvement, pets,
and other topics.

If you’re interested, email
for more details and answers to any of your questions. 

In the meantime, here’s
a brief outline of the position:

  • This will be ongoing and regular work for the right writers.
    The assignments will be as few as one piece of content to write per week and as
    many as fifteen pieces. Have a flexible or inflexible schedule? The only
    requirement is that you meet the deadlines you agree to.
  • You don’t need to be a professional writer with a degree –
    just good at what you do and capable of providing high quality content.
  • The starting rate is $10 per 500 words. However, product
    reviews are more complicated and will receive payment of up to $30-$40 per
    1,200 words, depending on the quality of your writing. This can increase based
    on the content, the turnaround time, and the research needed.
  • Three revisions per article are allowed until we get the
    hang of things together.
  • Payment can be made through PayPal, Google Wallet, or
    another site of your choice. Payment will always be made, save a case where the
    work is not delivered by the deadline, or the work delivered is unusable and
    must be reassigned to another writer. Since November Ink is made up of
    professionals who’ve all worked freelance at one time or another, we stand by
    this value. Even if a client doesn’t follow through, you’ll be paid for your high
    quality, timely work. 
  • When you’re given an assignment, you’ll be provided with all
    the necessary details to begin, including the word count minimum, the title, a
    brief outline, any SEO keywords needed, special requirements, etc.
  • If you’re interested in a certain topic (fitness, career
    change, parenting, etc.), you can request assignments within that niche. If
    you’re assigned a topic you believe you’ll struggle with, you can decline it
    and request another one, and we’ll do our best to make a good fit in future
  • You’ll be given a week’s notice for most assignments, with
    all information given at the time of the order. Of course, you decide how much
    you’d like to take on considering your schedule, and how frequently. The faster
    you deliver, the more work we can provide you.
  • The delivery times of assignments can be flexible, but
    letting us know ahead of time is crucial. Two to
    three days’ notice at the least is deeply appreciated.

Since you’ll be working on a freelance basis, so long as
you’re able to submit quality work on time, are willing to do revisions if
necessary, and can stay in regular communication as needed, the rest is
entirely in your control. You deliver high quality writing, we deliver payment
for your hard work. That’s the beauty of freelance!

  • If you’re interested or would like to know more, please
    email the address above. 
  • Please provide samples of previous writing when you contact
    us, as this will be how we gauge your style and abilities. If they’re freshly
    written or not currently published, that’s fine!

We look forward to working with you. Happy writing!

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