I’m not trying to muscle in on @annerocious‘s territory here, but being a script reader is just teaching me so much and I kinda want to post some of my observations. 

Like, I have yet to read a good action scene that hasn’t made me want to track down the writer and scream at them. 

Seriously, please stop over-choreographing your fight scenes, guys! If it doesn’t read quickly then it’s just gonna drag the whole thing down to a snail’s pace. I do not need to know every little stabbing movement your protag makes! I just don’t!

Grammar is important and, if used correctly, it means I wouldn’t have had to endure several minutes of confusion trying to figure out why no was freaked by a character being a pedophile (turns out he was asking where the bathroom was). 

Every protag is white. E v e r y   s i n g l e   o n e. 

I have literally read one script that featured POC and they were all stereotypes with Westernised names.

Nobody is gay. 

Almost all of the women have been married or married with children. Apparently those are the only stories worth telling about us (and they’re usually told as part of a larger story about a man having an adventure). 

Only one of the scripts has featured a dog. This is not enough dogs. More dogs, please.  

I got a script about a Black woman outlaw in the Old West whose antagonist is a white woman who used to be her best friend/owner until the Outlaw escaped. All I need is a dog.

I am very excited to see how this plays out!

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