types of dissociation:

  • existing but a little to the left
  • am i crossing my eyes or is everything just blurry?
  • clipped right thru the floorboards
  • what the fuck is a “body”
  • i have too many bodies at once and they’re trying to start a fight club. how many arms are humans supposed to have again?
  • floam
  • sounds fake but ok
  • pick two: harsh noise, dial up tone, cantina theme [10 hour version]
  • 360 no scope
  • the atmosphere is lighting me on fire very, very slowly.
  • someone: “wow! you handled that stressful situation so well! so cool and competent!” me, unaware that anything happened: “i what now”
  • *forgets to breathe for 5 hours*

feel free 2 add ur own

  • god used console commands to disable me but im still here what the fuck thats not fair
  • a drawn out, slowed, warped scream as my only thought for hours
  • is the Void™ trying to talk to me again is or is that just tinnitus 
  • someone: “yo im talking to you” me: *dialup tone for a brain for the last 4 hours*
  • im eating food now and i have no idea where it came from did i make this also where am i
  • social overload with one friend and their friends (i.e. strangers) = me astral projecting into the clouds and being relatively unresponsive
  • why does it feel like im wrapped in tinfoil and styrofoam who thought this was a good idea
  • i had that in my hands 2 seconds ago but now im looking at the clock its been 20 minutes i have no idea where that went and i have to leave
  • my head is a fishbowl
  • that static white noise when a TV channel isn’t working
  • what did I just do for the last 3 hours? nothing? okay.
  • this pile of unfolded clothes looks like a pillow; I guess I live here now
  • sitting vaguely with a pillowcase half-on/half-off a pillow
  • mysterious set of Wikipedia pages open in various tabs
  • the bathroom floor is nice and cold on my face
  • why am I sitting in the floor with a pair of socks in my hands?
  • was I crying? when? why?

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