tumblr discourse has truly taken away the right to subjective opinions and its exhausting

like now instead of saying “i like this tv show because it is entertaining and engaging” you have to come up with totally ridiculous reasons as to why this random television show on like, the CW or something is Actually the paradigm of feminist media even when it isnt at all

instead of saying “this celebrity is obnoxious and overrated and annoying” you get people searching meticulously through their twitter or interviews in order to find something incriminating enough to end up on a yfip list, and now you can pretend that your reasons for disliking this celebrity arent entirely personal and have some kind of Righteous Cause backing it

you dont need to put politics into everything you love and you dont need to bend over backwards trying to explain why this Thing you love is Actually Totally Political. you are allowed to subjectively enjoy things. conversely you can hate looking at a celebrity’s dumb face without acting like theres always some kind of social justice reason fueling it

And the worst part is that the whole phenomenon has destroyed the actual singular purpose for which discourse should exist: self-awareness. 

The whole damn point of talking about problematic fiction etc. is so that we have a handy dandy example that we’re all familiar with that we can all point to and talk about and discuss – a literary guinea pig, if you will. We can point to that and say, “Hm, isn’t it interesting that these tropes exist? Why would that be, I wonder? Why do these plots appeal to me or repulse me? What does that say about me as a person? What does it say about society at large that these things seem normal or abnormal? What can we do with that knowledge?” 

Discourse should exist so that we can say: “Hey, so there’s this social problem in the world – here’s a fictional example you’re familiar with that shows what I mean! Now, as for how to address that problem…” 

The point is not to sit around virtue signaling over who is more Woke and which pieces of media best tick off the boxes that make them “good” in some moralistic sense. The point is to use a shared experience as a point of discussion so we can actually learn and grow. 

For fuck sake. 

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