The Power of the Autistic Community


Can you believe that canonical autistic characters like Julia from Sesame Street, the Blue Ranger in the Power Rangers movie, Symmetra in Overwatch, and even Rick from Rick & Morty have only come out in the last 2 years? Also in the last year not one, but two shows have featured autistic main characters: Atypical and The Good Doctor. No matter what grievances you have with these shows or these characters, it’s still pretty impressive that we are getting more and more representation out there.

Here is some more things that have popped up in recent years featuring positive autistic representation:

  • The Autistic Self Advocacy Network was founded in 2006, with Autism Women’s Network following shortly behind in 2010. 
  • @stimtastic is a stim tool business founded by an autistic in 2014 that has become a big resource for many autistics and other neurodivergents to purchase practical devices to stim with. 
  • Tags like #REDinstead, #Boycottautismspeaks, and even #actuallyautistic are recent phenomena, as they were created in the last couple of years.
  • The neurodiversity symbol and autisticat (created by @strangerdarkerbetter in 2016) have only been around for a short time.
  • A wonderful, amazing book called Neurotribes (that I have even read myself!), published in 2015, provides a thorough look at our history and what’s happened to us in an unbiased light.

The neurodiversity movement, which includes autistics and other people with developmental disabilties, is not just here on Tumblr–we are everywhere!

I remember what it was like before I learned I was autistic. I thought somehow I was wrong or broken. But because of all the information out there in our community, it’s like everything clicked into place for me. Without the autistic community,

I couldn’t have figured out  that I was just a very normal autistic instead of an abnormal allistic . I also learned many new coping mechanisms to help with my other neurodivergencies as well through my discovery of learning I was autistic. I am so much happier and healthier now, and able to help myself better than ever before.

I know we haven’t made complete perfect progress with all the work we’ve made. The fidget spinner fad, the book To Siri with Love, and the Netflix series Atypical have made some negative impressions for autistic people everywhere. But I would argue that even those things have furthered our ability to platform for our cause. We still have a long way to go until we get the acceptance and support we are striving for, but just look at all the progress we’ve made so far!

This is the power of autistics when we find each other and group together! This is what we can achieve when we become a community and speak out!

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