Honestly I hate the rhetoric that “sjws are killing comedy!1!1!1! they dont let us make fun of them!!!!!1!1!1!!1112!1!2!!2” because minorities make fun of themselves all the time.

Mean Girls had a ton of gay jokes and it’s still one of the most widely loved movies in the gay community. Rachel Bloom is a popular Jewish comedian who makes fun of Jewish experiences all the time. Every week there’s a new viral gender joke made by the trans community on this website.

Black Twitter is constantly affectionately mocking the experiences of African-Americans. Mentally ill people have a ton of relatability blogs that are comedy gold. There’s so much content in non-offensive minority humor that I just don’t get how these people think that.

We don’t want comedians to stop joking about minorities. We want comedians to recognize that humor that dehumanizes individuals is wrong.

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