reasons to not quit writing:


  • your writing is a skill, not an inborn talent (unless, yeah, maybe it is). not everyone can do what you do and love
  • everyone says they want to write a book. everyone has what it takes to write a book. not everyone does it anyway. you be the small percentage of success you read about
  • your writing will always seem brickshit horrible because you wrote and read it a million times
  • you love this writing thingy. quitting it will be like cutting off your fingers one by one.
  • someone out there will want to read what you wrote.
  • someone out there wants to know what is on your mind. 
  • someone out there appreciates your art. they will share it with their friends. they will share it with their loved ones. they will share it with their future self because maybe what you wrote saved them.
  • if you give up now, you know you will just come back to it again, whether it’s years from now, months, or next week. you love writing, that’s why you planted the seed of thought that you are going to write this book, and whether you come back to it or not, your unwritten stories will come back to you.

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