I was stuck with something so I spent the last thirty minutes talking about it to my partner and they didn’t even say anything or give me any advice or ideas, I just sort of worked out the issue myself just from talking about it aloud. 

So I guess moral of the story is, if you’re stuck, talk about it out lout with someone and it might help? More than it helps to just write it down or think about it? Someone to talk to may or may not be required. I don’t know if it would have helped me as much if I didn’t have an actual person to talk to about it, but it may work just as well if you talk to yourself or a pet or something.

:edit: this is about writing but I mean I guess it could apply to any area of life lmao

In programming, this is called “rubber duck debugging” because software engineers will explain their code to a rubber ducky.

It works in part because talking uses more and different areas of the brain than just thinking does.

The simple act of explaining something gets it out of your head, freeing up mental processing space to find solutions.

I think that’s also why it often feels like you’ve got a million things to do but if you write down a list you realize it’s only, like, five things.

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