types of girls: movie genres

comedy: red lipstick, dancing in the rain, the thrill of being alive, stupid selfies over actually pretty ones, body positivity, standing up for your friends, dog people, street smart

romance: paris, insecure about looks, wants to write poetry, literature lover, gets a million crushes every day, natural make-up, always reassures their friends, wants to be liked by everybody, one or two close friends but lots of acquaintances

indie: headphones, wistful expression, rain and thunderstorms, hipster aesthetic, not very school smart, dancing, shy, deep blue, sugary foods, reclusive, chooses who they trust

fantasy: suprisingly into psychology, sweet smiling, keeping secrets, loyal friend but unpopular, head full of thoughts, keeps to themself, can be childish, ice-cream although it’s winter, humming songs to yourself

action: fast-paced, messy hair and handwriting, tragic backstory, dyed streaks in hair, first of your friends to drive a car, the youngest sibling, gets bored on planes, using your phone, outcast or stands up for outcasts, dark red and dark blue and rich black

crime: quiet, sarcastic comments, has a deep voice, very funny around those they know, math pro, smokes, can sometimes be rude to people, harsh words

cartoon: yellow converse, good attitude, traumatic experiences have happened to them in the past but they’re recovering, lemonade, carnivals in summer, shorts, knowing just the right thing to say to your friend, puns

anime: flowers, cutesy decorations, really good at drawing, classical music, studies a lot, does yoga, probably vegetarian, is very friendly but doesn’t have many close friends, feels alone sometimes, smarter than most believe, cute heels, pastel colors

musical: vibrant, always has a song stuck in their head, doodles in class, pretty aesthetic, can be silly, fancy restaurants, playing harmlesss pranks, an extrovert, plays an instrument

drama: loud laugh, deep purple shade aesthetic, has a million accounts, sunglasses, dancing even if you can’t do it well, making dirty jokes, journal, seems open but actually is very secretive, intelligent, can be brash, doesn’t wear make-up

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