What are some tasks a service dog can do for someone with POTS? Thanks for everything y’all do!


A few tasks that may help someone with POTS are as follows:

  • alerting to changes in heart rate or blood pressure
  • reminders to sit or stand (or otherwise change position)
  • medication retrieves and reminders
  • mobility work- momentum pull when dizzy, bracing to help rise, guide when mid blackout, counterbalance while walking
  • DPT during an episode
  • pinning handler in position when unsafe to move
  • finding a seat, exit, or car
  • blocking
  • go get help/alert others you are down
  • (if you have the tech for it) calling 911
  • retrieving dropped items or items low to the ground
  • drink water/salt tab reminders
  • retrieving specified items (water, wallet, phone, keys, etc)
  • opening doors (if using a wheelchair or other mobility aid)
  • carrying other medical equipment (meds, heart monitors, etc)

Keep in mind that while these are all valid tasks, not all people with POTS will utilize these tasks or even train for them. Finding out which tasks help you specifically with your disability will be a journey only you can take, and an answer only you can come to. Despite me listing all of those things, my own service dog does not do every single one of those even though I also have POTS. Some of them are unnecessary for us, while others aren’t practical or aren’t things I would want him to do.


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