can you please tag your posts a acordingly? i followed for writing tips, not tumblr drama

Sorry! I had an issue with a queuing program, as you’ll see in some of my other answers.

I do have a genuine interest in spreading helpful information for purposes of writing and learning things, so some of my posts might seem off-topic, but to me, they are there to be helpful. This was not one of those cases!

This was the last of the messages I’ve received on the matter, and the upsetting post has been removed!

Thank you to everyone for your patience and concern. I appreciate that you feel so strongly that you got in touch to check in with me.

I’m on the asexual spectrum myself and meant no harm to other aces or the rest of the LGBT+/MOGAI/QUILTBAG communities.

I lost about 100 followers because of this and received a lot of responses, so please know that I have been appropriately reprimanded and will now keep a closer eye on this queuing thing while I figure it out.

Sorry again, and thanks for all the love and concern. <3

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