we need to stop idolizing tom holland immediately. yesterday, actually.

it’s really cool that he’s this seemingly progressive sweet young dude but i saw a whole post about how he’s “the perfect example of non-toxic masculinity uwu” and another post gave him credit for trans-coding peter parker like “coding” stuff in homecoming wasn’t basic “ha ha misgendering is funny” stuff or misogyny and also stuff that’s in the script which he did not write and should not get credit for.

like………. he’s great. watch his interviews, enjoy his performances.

but also he’s like 21??? im 21 and im incredibly stupid all the time. tom’s also gonna be incredibly stupid because like……. people in their early 20s….. are stupid…. and say stupid shit…. and if you hold them to an impossibly high standard…. they will fail you…. no matter how good their intentions are….

just. cut it out early before this turns into another idolization-to-hatred cycle.

In summary: please be fucking normal

We just need to stop idolising celebrities period. I mean, if you have a deep personal reason, go ahead. But if they play roles you enjoy and act sweet in interviews… Like them, sure. Like them all you want! But interviews are not a deep probe into the person’s heart. It’s just another performance.

They’re all human. I can guarantee you that every single celebrity, yes even that one that you’re right now thinking is perfect, has done something you would not approve of. It doesn’t have to be anything dramatic, I’m not saying they’re all monster. Heavens no! But they are all human.

You ever said something ignorant or rushed and hurt someone’s feelings? Your idols did too.

You ever held an opinion that in retrospect was not very nice at all? Your idols did too.

You ever got carried away, lost perspective and did something a bit inappropriate? Your idols did too.

Face it. Acknowledge it. Like most of them as good entertainers with some very nice personal qualities, love some of them as people who spoke to you from a distance.

They are not perfect. They are not going to save the world. They are just people.

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