reasons why draco malfoy should’ve had a redemption arc

  • not wanting to kill dumbledore
  • lowering his wand and about to join the order
  • took care of luna lovegood while she in his house
  • not turning harry in when he was captured
  • gutted by the death of his friend
  • throwing harry his wand
  • was literally a fucking CHILD

reasons why Snape shouldn’t have gotten a redemption arc

– killed Dumbledore

– bullied children

– was a death eater

– felt no remorse about his betreyal till he was physically dying

– held a grudge against someone for over 10 years and took it out on his son

– crawled over the dead body of his crushes husband to hold her dead body while her infant son was crying alone in his bed

– was not a child lol

Also, Snape would have remained a death eater if Neville became the chosen one

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